Downstairs Theatre Accessibility

Downstairs Theatre Accessibility

Access into Building

The Lobby and Box Office are accessible from the street via a ramp and automated door into the building. Please be advised that where there are stairs within the building, we cannot provide assistance.

Access into Theatre

Two aisles service the seating area. Access to each aisle is from the rear of the theatre via five steps (with railings) up from the lobby level. There is one step down per row proceeding toward the stage. There are no railings in the aisles. Patrons unable to negotiate steps without railings should request seats near the rear of the theatre.

Wheelchair Locations

For those patrons using wheelchairs or scooters, a wheelchair lift provides access to wheelchair locations in the right rear section of the orchestra. Wheelchair locations must be arranged at least 72 hours prior to any performance and are subject to availability. Any patron holding tickets for wheelchair locations must occupy a wheelchair or scooter because theatre seats are removed to create these locations.

Transfer Seating

Aisle seats equipped with transfer arms must  be arranged at least 72 hours prior to any performance, and are subject to availability.

Wheelchair Lift

Only the right rear section of the Downstairs Theatre is accessible via a wheelchair lift from the lobby level. The dimensions of the lift are 36″ wide x 48″ long. Entrance to the lift from the lobby level is through a 33″ wide door on the 48″ side of the lift. The entrance to the lift from the Theatre level is straight through a 33″ wide door at end of the lift. The lift is designated by the New York City Department of Buildings for use by wheelchair users only. Patrons in scooters may use the lift only if they are using wheelchair locations. No ambulatory passengers are permitted on the lift. The maximum length for scooters and wheelchairs able to maneuver onto the lift is approximately 44″.

Accessible Restroom

A unisex wheelchair accessible restroom is located on the lobby level. There are additional restrooms located 15 steps down from the lobby level.

Assistive Listening System

The theatre is equipped with a Sennheiser Infrared Listening System. Headsets are available free of charge on a first come-first served basis from the ticket taker. A driver’s license or ID with printed address is required as a deposit.

Late Seating

Latecomers will seated at the discretion of the management. Patrons who require the use of the lift are encouraged to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to curtain. Because the lift is within the theatre seating area, its operation is disruptive to any performance in progress.

Pay Phone / Water Fountain / Concessions

There is no pay phone or water fountain in the building. Cups are available in the restroom. Concession stand is on the​ second floor, adjacent to the theatre entrance and restrooms, although service to the first floor is available upon request.


For More Information, visit or call 212-239-6222.